We are very aware of the different fashion requirements of the very vast Habitat audience, and will be happy to chat with you about what shirt will best fit your needs. We offer men’s, women’s and unisex shirts, and if you care to get more details right now, read below…

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away… men and women liked the same type of shirt, the heavy cotton shirt made by manufacturers, the most famous of which was Beefy-t.

Along about year 2005, women, particularly younger women, began looking for something more fitted, and the heavy cotton shirt began to lose its longstanding popularity. There was a period where people began offering both men’s and women’s tees, which worked well, but complicated inventories a great deal. Then younger men also began drifting towards a more fitted piece, and the unisex shirt came into vouge, the most popular of which was the American Apparel tee.

Here at AMP, we followed this very carefully, and now are using the Tultex or Canvas brand unisex tee most often. These items are modeled after the American Apparel tee, and make for a very attractive solution; no more double inventories, nice colors to choose from, and a good price point.

Karen can discuss the ins and outs of your specific needs, and is very knowledgeable on the issue.


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