At AMP we offer many different designs, and we also speak with you about using men’s, women’s or unisex t-shirts. All of this makes pricing a little complex, and if we tried to publish all the details here you might need to buy a new computer. 😉 However…
We can get you pricing and estimates very quickly…just give us a ring.
Karen can give you a very good quote almost instantly over the phone.

The basics are…

  • Our program allows you to mix and match different designs if you want to carry multiple items.
  • Payment is preferred by check; You will recieve an e-mail invoice after your job is complete and you have recieved your order. You have 30 days to pay.
  • We DO accept credit cards!

Call Karen with your Questions!


TO ORDER CALL KAREN "Talk to a real human being..." 1-850-497-0776