To place an order or for any other questions please contact Karen Markovich.

Karen manages all our orders. She’s been working with affiliates for 15 years. Karen is familiar with the ins and outs of orders and personalizations. She is also very good at discussing your needs and finding the most economical ways to fulfill your shirt orders. She loves to help affiliates save on their projects and is a whiz kid when it comes to tight deadlines!

1-850-497-0776 –

You can also call Bobby Griffiths ( – 1-612-865-4117

Bobby has been working with Habitat affiliates around the country for more than twenty years. He is passionate about Habitat – he loves the cause and will talk your ear off about the organization. He has worked with all manner of habitat folks; ED’s of affiliates large and small, corprate sponsors, volunteer coordinators, and Americus. He know’s about your needs and the challenges you face. Bobby is a close-out expert as well, with experience developing a great knowledge of liquidation markets and the like. Be sure to call him for any larger merchandise projects, whether it be shirts or hand goods. Most likely, he can find them for half off!

TO ORDER CALL KAREN "Talk to a real human being..." 1-850-497-0776